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London Loft And Extension | Improve Your Property With Us

Welcome to Dream Building Construction Ltd. Our construction company has served London for many years with care and love. We aim to deliver our customers outstanding services because we have many years of experience in the London Loft and Extension field.

From loft conversions to extension projects, we add space to your places so that you will get many benefits even by investing less money in our services.

Whether you want to add space to your property to increase the look and get more space for your family, we can help. Our builders will do the extension of your places according to your dream and budget.


Our Aim

We know the fact that loft conversion is a big decision and a big investment for you. The aim is that at the end of the project, you will have a brilliant loft conversion and will be suitably happy enough to give us a good report and testimonial, plus recommends us to your friends and neighbours.

We ensure that we will care of each step of the project and guarantee that you will be pleased with our services at the end of the loft and extension work.

We know that for many, it can be quite worrying to get major conversion work done to the property, as builders generally haven’t always had the best reputations. We ensure you will be happy at the end of the experience.

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Why Us

Many of our customers connect with us via recommendation. For many years to still now, we have carried out many Loft Conversions and property extension work. Our past work shows that our builders and constructors have been successful in our field & that we provide a guarantee to our customers to give them a great service & experience.

Adds Value To Your Home

Generally, loft conversion and extension techniques optimise any property’s roof space. Our builders help to expand out, parallel to the floor, into the window. Thus, our process adds more light and space to your property. You can hire our services if you want to add more space to your previous property than just storage space.

Increases Space With Us

We do the loft conversion to increase the square footage of your property. This is the main reason why customers get our services because everybody wants to transform their places. A well-planned loft and conversion process will improve the storage space of your property. Our team provides intelligent solutions, such as extra storage space underneath the new stairs.

Free Consultation Services

Before starting the London Loft and Extension project, we provide a free consultation to our customers. During the consultation, our team will inspect your home and get an idea that either loft conversion is beneficial for your home or not. We find the most suitable style to add to your property to achieve the best results. At this time, we also introduce ourselves to our customers and why we are the best company to do their work. The best idea to check our skills and abilities is you can see our portfolio. Connect with our previous clients to look at the work that we hold. This way, we have many solutions and techniques to increase space on your property.

We can handle Plumbing And Electrical In London Projects!

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Improve the condition of your property with loft and extension work. We are available to help you. Call us at 0744 707 3324 or send us an email at

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Enjoy my work? Contact me and get a free quote by phone!

Fill out our non-obligation web quote or call 0744 707 3324