The Power of Light and Bright White!

What is the Power of light and bright white in a home? White is a dramatic color in and of itself and a perfect background for other bold or subtle colors. Check out this white home we staged last week.  The white paint is a dramatic background for pops of color.



White makes old things look new again. This 90’s home really showed it’s age.  We hired a painter for the client to paint the cabinets white and WOW  what a difference. This office mudroom moved straight from the 90’s into 2015.


In this example our clients needed a cheap way to update their kitchen.  White Paint  and silver hardware was the Perfect fix.


The look of white furnishings and rooms can be completely changed just by swapping out the accessories.  The white headboard we used in the Salt Lake Parade of Homes below takes on completely different look in a small Pleasant Grove home with and accessory switch.